Abstract Submission

Updates for Abstract Submitters to the ANR2018 Conference in San Francisco

Abstracts that were submitted by the January 8th deadline are currently undergoing the review process and will be notified via email on their respective designations.

The scientific organizers welcome the submission of original Neuroblastoma research for presentation at ANR2018 in San Francisco. The biennial Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Conference is the leading international forum for sharing the most recent advances in basic, translational and clinical Neuroblastoma research.

ANR welcomes the submission of abstracts on the topics listed below. To facilitate the review process, three abstract categories have been developed for ANR2018.

Basic Biology

Other critical pathways
Genome-wide analysis
Genomic instabiility/DNA repair
Non-coding RNA
Epigenetics/Chromatin modification
Translation control/mrna
Developmental biology
Tumor initiaton and cancer stem cells
Apoptosis/cell death


Animal models
Preclinical trials
Novel targeted therapy (preclinical)
Preclinical screening/technology
Preclinical biomarker/technology
Therapy response and resistance


Clinical trials
Novel targeted therapy in development (clinical)
Clinical trial biomarker development and design
Imaging and diagnostics
Radiation therapy
Nuclear medicine
Nursing related topics
Trials in countries with limited resources
Survivorship and late effects


The abstract submission portal closed on January 8 at 11:59 PST.

Submissions must be data-driven or assessment/treatment model descriptions.

Please note that all abstracts must be sponsored by a Full Member of ANRA with fully paid dues. Any Full Member may sponsor up to 5 abstracts. A sponsor may be a co-author or only a sponsor. The ANRA membership number and sponsor name must be entered in your contact information before submission of your abstract.  Associate members will require a Full Member to sponsor an abstract. If you wish to join as a Full Member now, please click here.

The abstract word limit is 350 words with English characters; if you use accents, umlauts, etc., the abstract will count them as additional words (please use the Special Characters keyboard).

The abstract title limit is 20 words with English characters; if you use accents, umlauts, etc., the abstract will count them as additional words

There is a limit of 20 authors per abstract.

Review Process

The Review Panel will review and determine which abstracts receive awards, as well as the most appropriate presentation format (oral or poster) for each accepted abstract.

Awards will be given to the top scoring abstracts submitted in each of the main categories, please click here for further details.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

Email: conference@anr2018.org

Telephone: 713.526.6900